Welcome to Luminescence Fundraising

If you are here to donate to a team or organization, please select the donate link above (click the hamburger button to reveal links). Then you will be able to select the Organization and the individual you want to donate to.
Coaches and Organization leaders
We are a fundraising platform dedicated to keeping costs as low as possible for our customers. We believe fundraising should not be a source of income for an external company, and that as much of the donated money makes its way to the intended source. We charge the bare minimum we can, just keeping the site on the web. We strive to lower our prices with each new customer we help.
Getting Started
To set up a fundraiser, please sign up with the link above (Click the hamburger above to see links) and request your team/organization be added to the list.
Fees include: 3% + $.30 for card encryption/security, and 3% for website cost. We provide an option on the donation form for the donator to opt to pay these Fees for you, on top of their current donation. We also advise them to pay by check or cash to avoid these fees.